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    토렌트(.torrent) 자료만 업로드 부탁드립니다.

    토렌트(.torrent) 자료만 업로드 부탁드립니다. 자료 공유 감사드립니다. 토렌트 자료실은 토렌트(.torrent) 파일 형식의 원서 자료만 업로드해 주시길 부탁드립니다. epub, mobi, pdf, doc, txt  등 직접 책 내용을 다운로드 받을 수 있는 자료의 업로드는 다...
    Date2015.08.01 By잉하 Views39 Votes0
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  2. Napoleon, An Intimate Biography - Vincent Cronin.epub

    Napoleon, An Intimate Biography
    Date2017.01.28 By미국갈래 Views23 Votes0
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  3. The Emperor Commodus, God and Gladiator - John S McHugh

    Commodus is synonymous with debauchery and megalomania, best remembered for fighting as a gladiator. Ridiculed and maligned by historians since his own time, modern popular culture knows him as the patricidal villain in Ridley Scott’s Gladi...
    Date2017.01.28 By미국갈래 Views12 Votes0
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  4. 중세의 기사 - A Medieval Knight (History Combat)

    Date2017.01.20 By미국갈래 Views19 Votes0
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  5. A History of the Jewish War, AD 66–74 - Steve Mason

    A conflict that erupted between Roman legions and some Judaeans in late A.D. 66 had an incalculable impact on Rome's physical appearance and imperial governance; on ancient Jews bereft of their mother-city and temple; and on early Christian...
    Date2017.01.20 By미국갈래 Views21 Votes0
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  6. Ancient Egypt 39,000 BCE, The History, Technology, and Philosophy of Civilization X - Edward F Malkowski

    아마존 평점 4.3 A view into the sophisticated and highly advanced civilization that preceded the world of the pharaohs  • Presents historical evidence of the civilization ruled by the “gods” that the Egyptians claimed preceded their own  • ...
    Date2017.01.20 By미국갈래 Views16 Votes0
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  7. The New Cambridge Medieval History 7 Volumes

    This seventh volume of The New Cambridge Medieval History covers the last century (interpreted broadly) of the traditional Western Middle Ages. It takes account of much new research and modern, interdisciplinary approaches to the study and ...
    Date2017.01.17 By미국갈래 Views19 Votes0
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  8. Chinese History and Culture volume 1, 2 (2016)

    The recipient of the Kluge Prize for lifetime achievement in the humanities and the Tang Prize for "revolutionary research" in Sinology, Ying-shih Yü is a premier scholar of Chinese studies. Chinese History and Culture volumes 1 and 2 bring...
    Date2017.01.17 By미국갈래 Views18 Votes0
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  9. Basics in Human Evolution(2015)

    Basics in Human Evolution offers a broad view of evolutionary biology and medicine. The book is written for a non-expert audience, providing accessible and convenient content that will appeal to numerous readers across the interdisciplinary...
    Date2017.01.16 By미국갈래 Views24 Votes0
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  10. Jungle of Stone, The Discovery of the Lost Civilization of the Maya - William Carlsen(2016)

    마야 문명을 발견한 두 사람의 이야기 New York Times Bestseller (Expeditions) “Thrilling. … A captivating history of two men who dramatically changed their contemporaries’ view of the past.” — Kirkus (starred review) "[An] adventure tale that...
    Date2017.01.13 By미국갈래 Views19 Votes0
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  11. The Dream of Reason, A History of Philosophy from the Greeks to the Renaissance - Anthony Gottlieb(2016)

    철학의 역사 "His book...supplant[s] all others, even the immensely successful History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell."―A. C. Grayling Already a classic, this landmark study of early Western thought now appears in a new edition wi...
    Date2017.01.13 By미국갈래 Views17 Votes0
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  12. Lost to the West: The Forgotten Byzantine Empire That Rescued Western Civilization(2010)

    In AD 476 the Roman Empire fell–or rather, its western half did. Its eastern half, which would come to be known as the Byzantine Empire, would endure and often flourish for another eleven centuries. Though its capital would move to Constant...
    Date2017.01.13 By미국갈래 Views15 Votes0
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  13. Anthropology 8th Edition(2015)

    목차 1 Introduction to Anthropology 2 The Record of the Past 3 Evolution 4 The Primates 5 Hominin Evolution 6 Human Variation 120 7 The Paleolithic 8 The Origins of Domestication and Settled Life 9 The Rise of the State and Complex Society ...
    Date2017.01.13 By미국갈래 Views18 Votes0
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  14. Prisoners of Geography, Ten Maps Which Illustrate Gobal Politics - Tim Marshall(2016)

    In this New York Times bestseller, updated for 2016, an award-winning journalist uses ten maps of crucial regions to explain the geo-political strategies of the world powers—“fans of geography, history, and politics (and maps) will be enthr...
    Date2017.01.13 By미국갈래 Views20 Votes0
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  15. Empires in World History - Power and the Politics of Difference

    Empires--vast states of territories and peoples united by force and ambition--have dominated the political landscape for more than two millennia. Empires in World History departs from conventional European and nation-centered perspectives t...
    Date2017.01.12 By미국갈래 Views15 Votes0
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  16. The Wisdom of the Middle Ages - Michael K Kellogg(2016)

    중세 시대의 지혜 This engaging survey of important works from late antiquity to the beginning of the Renaissance reveals the depth of thought and the diversity of expression that characterized the Middle Ages. Michael Kellogg demonstrates t...
    Date2017.01.12 By미국갈래 Views17 Votes0
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  17. The Inquisition - Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh(2000)

    After the Albigensian Crusade against the Cathars of south-west France in 1208, a Spanish monk - later canonized as St Dominic - took up the cudgels by establishing a kind of secret police to ferret out heresy - thus began the infamous Inqu...
    Date2017.01.09 By미국갈래 Views7 Votes0
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  18. Queen of Spies, Daphne Park, Britain's Cold War Spy Master - Paddy Hayes(2016)

       이런 매력적인 ?  일이 있었군요..  The true story of Daphne Park, the female British secret intelligence officer who rose through the male-dominated ranks to become the Queen of Spies From living in a tin-roofed shack north of Dar-es-Sala...
    Date2017.01.09 By미국갈래 Views16 Votes0
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  19. The Road to Sparta, Reviving the Ancient Battle and Epic Run - Dean Karnazes

    The Road to Sparta is the story of the 153-mile run from Athens to Sparta that inspired the marathon and saved democracy, as told―and experienced―by ultramarathoner and New York Timesbestselling author Dean Karnazes. In 490 BCE, Pheidippide...
    Date2017.01.09 By미국갈래 Views7 Votes0
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  20. The Cambridge Companion to Plato - Richard Kraut (2012)

    Plato stands as the fount of our philosophical tradition, being the first Western thinker to produce a body of writing that touches upon a wide range of topics still discussed by philosophers today. In a sense he invented philosophy as a di...
    Date2017.01.08 By미국갈래 Views7 Votes0
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  21. Very Short Introductions Series (412 books) by Oxford University Press

     분류를 어찌할까 하다 예전에 이곳에 한번 올라왔던 자료가 검색되어 그냥 같은 게시판에 올립니다.  1.2 G 정도 됩니다.   Very Short Introductions Series (412 titles) by Oxford University Press **Look inside the folder for the list of books in a...
    Date2017.01.08 By미국갈래 Views108 Votes0
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